The original

Legend clan

These are the golden rules of Lc

Time was used as a filter, to prove who were the real, they are our heroes. Once left LcReal Lc stayed and fighted, there is no coming back. We call them "traitors" and said goodbye forever.

  • Mod we ALL use for is Legend mod,, on google chrome browser. It is essential for in-game communication. Use our clan’s Tag in the mod.
  • Clan website is . Take a good look at it, you MUST know basic strategy, our admins and their tasks.
  • Communication is on skype.
  • No random friends policy. Players using β„„ are killing everyone, including random friends.
  • Clan has hierocracy that all recruits and members shall respect. Follow the commands of the Admins.
  • Clan players should not be on another group / clan.
  • Clan players must be active (as possible), and must read all announcements. Be kind to all in our clan and respect all players. Clan members come first, next come recruits.

    Candidates of Clan use β„„πŸ”₯ before their name. If player Level is below 70, use β„„βš½ before your name. Don't keep much mass, until you gradually learn to play
    Elite players (those chosen as members) use β„„πŸŒ€. To become a member you must be a good player and be part of the group. It takes a while to get there, just enjoy the clan as a recruit.
    Squad players (those chosen as members) use β„„πŸŒ€. Elder members of Lc who are selected of their skills to win difficult servers with small amount of numbers (1-4), under hidden names β„„πŸŒŸα”•ΙŠα‘Œα—©α—ͺ1, β„„πŸŒŸα”•ΙŠα‘Œα—©α—ͺ2...