OGARio Developers - The OGARio ongoing project

Welcome to the community for developing custom OGARio scripts

Please note:
Making mods is hard work, needs much searching and testing.


1. If you don't own a website, make a github account and repo with same name + .github.io (otherwise you will be forced to use code as raw).

2. Copy our ogario.js and ogario.master.js (see example for the source code) files to your github repo.

3. Use notepad++, Visual Studio or any integrated development environment.

4. Use the source from http://cdn.ogario.ovh:9000/v4/beta/ , type on your browser: view-source:http://cdn.ogario.ovh:9000/v4/beta/

5. Change the line:
and the line:

6. Make your own ogario.v4.user.js testing script on tampermonkey:

7. Change the line: // @connect cdn.ogario.ovh to your webpage e.g: // @connect mygithubrepo.github.io
Change the line: url : "https://cdn.ogario.ovh/v4/beta/", to your html webpage url e.g: url : "https://mygithubrepo.github.io/ogario.html",


* Note that the newest scripts need 5-10 minutes for being used. Refresh your https://mygithubrepo.github.io/ogario.yourversion.js file on browser.
Watch it on chrome sources [F12].