Boost Mass (x3) for 1 hour

1. Disable Legend Mod
2. Join Agario and Login on your account
3. Right click, and click Inpect (Ctrl+Shift+I)
4. Choose the Console Tab on the right side of screen
5. Paste the code and hit ENTER
* If not working login again and rejoin agario, swap google/fb account if not working for one
** Lower the "for" loops (from 1000 to 100 or such)
*** Command is still working until this day 14/1/2019

* This code is part of the Legend Mod project for developers, testing and improving the game. Does not work on LM on purpose
** is a free game, please use the official paying methods for purchases, like we all do.
*** The Legend mod project bans illegal activities, that will ruin the game or not use official methods of payments.
**** Be notified that you may be banned from agario if insisting on using developers stuff as "cracks"